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New LG Flagship V30S Phone Has Integrated Artificial Intelligence

LG wants to make AI more approachable

LG is integrating AI into a smartphone for the first time.

The company is debuting its new LG V30S ThinQ flagship phone at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The ThinQ platform was introduced at CES 2018 to identify all of LG’s home appliances, consumer electronics and services that utilize artificial intelligence.

LG said its vision is to become a human-centered AI company that puts consumers first and promotes artificial intelligence as an approachable and less intimidating technology.

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LG began working on making differentiated and intuitive AI-based solutions with a particular focus on the camera and voice recognition. The resulting Vision AI delivers a smarter camera that is easier to use, while Voice AI enhances the breadth of spoken commands in the V30S.

The company will make available key AI features to some of its other phones in future updates delivered over-the-air.