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New Headphones From Sony Target Mobile, Home Users

Sony is introducing a number of headphones, including new closed-ear Street Style models and its new Digital Reference line, which includes six cloth-covered models designed for superior digital audio playback.

The new behind-the-neck Street Style model (MDR-G82LP) has a closed-type Auro-Nomic design in the natural shape of the human ear, the company said, which enables the consumer to wear headphones for longer periods of time. Designed for commuting and active uses such as skateboarding, jogging, walking or dancing, they will be available this month for about $50.

“Consumers have purchased over a million pairs of Street Style headphones since their introduction just two years ago,” said Phil Petescia, director of Sony’s general audio accessories division. “This new model is a compact, folding headphone that appeals to the fashion-savvy consumer who wants comfortable, stylish headphones delivering head-thumping bass without messing up their hair or interfering with a hat.”

Sony’s new Digital Reference headphones for the digital audio enthusiast feature cloth-covered earpads that are washable, and in several models, these can be replaced. All models also offer the Auro-Nomic design and high-quality closed-front, open-back earphones to create a wide and open sound stage, the company said. In addition, all feature a brushed-silver finish.

At the top of the line is the MDR-CD2000 with an organically grown bio-cellulose diaphragm to provide natural sound reproduction. It has washable, replaceable 25mm earpads designed for exceptional comfort and extended listening. It also has a cloth-padded self-adjusting headband and 50mm-diameter driver units for deep bass and wide dynamic range. This model is scheduled to ship in May at a retail price of about $350.

At a retail price of about $200, the MDR-CD780 also has washable, replaceable 25mm earpads, self-adjusting headband, 50mm driver units and detachable, interchangeable cords.

The MDR-CD580, at $100, offers washable ear-pads, a detachable cord and 40mm diameter driver units, while the MDR-CD380 offers 40mm diameter driver units and a self-adjusting headband at a selling price of about $60.

The other two models in the Digital Reference line are the MDR-CD280 at $30 and the MDR-CD180 at $20.