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Netflix Now Supported By Google Nest Hub

Google beats Amazon in bringing top streaming service to its smart display

Image credit: Netflix

Google has announced that Netflix is now supported by its Google Nest and Google Nest Max smart displays.

The Nest Hub ($90 MSRP with a 7-inch display) and Nest Hub Pro ($229 MSRP with a 10-inch display and camera) are primarily used as digital picture frames and connected device controllers. The camera-equipped Max is also used for Google Meet and Duo applications.

Google’s Nest Hub devices compete directly with Amazon’s Echo Show display. And the Nest Hub—which already had access to YouTube—is the first to add Netflix to its offering.

Starting Tuesday, Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max users can link their Netflix subscription to their Google Home or Google Assistant apps to watch shows on their displays. They can use Google Assistant voice control to launch the SVOD service by simply saying “Hey Google, open Netflix.” They’ll have to manually scroll through the device’s touchscreen to select content.

Add feature for the Hub Max: Users can pause and resume a show by waving their hand in front of the camera.

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