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Nest Looks To Jump-Start Thread Standard With OpenThread

Nest introduced OpenThread today, an open-source reference code implementation of the Thread networking protocol.

With OpenThread, Nest aims to make the wireless connection technology used in its products more accessible to developers. This differs from the Thread specification, a Nest spokeswoman told TWICE, because “the Thread 1.0 specification isn’t technically available yet.”

“The Thread Group defines the specifications, best practices, reference architectures, implementation guidelines and certification programs to promote the availability of compliant implementations of the Thread protocol,” said explained. “You have to be a Thread Group member to access Thread.”

OpenThread, meanwhile, is an open-source implementation of the Thread protocol and doesn’t carry Thread membership requirements.

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“Thread makes it possible for devices to simply, securely, and reliably connect to each other and to the Cloud,” said Greg Hu, head of Nest platform and Works with Nest, in a statement. “And because Thread is an IPv6 networking protocol built on open standards, millions of existing 802.15.4 wireless devices on the market can be easily updated to run Thread. OpenThread will significantly accelerate the deployment of Thread in these devices, establishing Thread as one of the key networking technology standards for connected products in the home.”

Other manufacturers participating in Thread development include ARM, Qualcomm Technologies, Yale Security and Texas Instruments.

The initial version of OpenThread is being distributed by Nest on GitHub.