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NCTA T0 FCC: Lose DTV Labels

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Citing consumer confusion, the National Cable Television Association asked the Federal Communications Commission to reconsider previously established labels for digital TV sets.

The NCTA said labels drafted last year by the FCC to signify the level of compatibility between digital televisions and cable services and equipment did not solve the problem of consumer confusion they were developed to correct.

The NCTA objected to the FCC’s use of the term “cable-ready” in labels because that terminology is used in analog systems with different connotations.

In September, the FCC specified three categories for digital TV sets: Digital Cable Ready 1, for devices receiving analog basic, digital basic and digital premium cable programming; Digital Cable Ready 2, which adds the IEEE-1394 digital interface connector to the preceding; and Digital Cable Ready 3, which are sets that get digital cable along with advanced TV and interactive services.

The NCTA is looking for more descriptive labels, and it reiterated support for labels it devised along with the Consumer Electronics Association in 1999.