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Navigon is launching the Navigon 2100 Max and Navigon 2120 Max personal navigation devices (PNDs). Features include a widescreen 4:3 format, spoken driving directions via text to speech, and the company’s exclusive Reality View, which provides 3-D guidance when approaching highway interchanges. Also new is DirectHelp, a feature that pinpoints a user’s location and provides instant links to nearby services such as hospitals, pharmacies and roadside assistance.

The two PNDs have been launched in concert with Navigon’s FreshMaps service, which ensures that the company’s GPS devices stay accurate and viable by providing up to 12 map and point-of-interest updates in three years. The 2100 Max ships with maps of the continental United States and has a suggested retail of $299. The 2120 Max, which is limited to distribution in Canada and sells for $329 CAD, features maps of the United States and Canada.