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Movie Star Jason Statham To Promote G5 Smartphone In TV Commercial

LG is using star power again to promote its products, this time teaming up with action-movie star Jason Statham to build awareness of the company’s modular G5 smartphone.

Earlier this year, LG ran its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, which starred film star Liam Neeson promoting the company’s OLED TV technology.

Filmmaker Fredrik Bond will direct the G5 commercial, which will be shown worldwide in such markets as North America, Latin America, Europe, and East Asia. It will also be posted to LG Mobile’s Facebook page ( starting April 1.

The commercial will focus on fun and playful experiences that people can have while using the G5’s modular options, including accessories that turn the phone into a high-performance easy-grip camera or add high-resolution audio playback.

Multiple characters in the commercial will be portrayed by Statham having fun with the camera in a way consistent with the G5’s “Life’s Good when you Play More” tagline, the company said.

“With the G5, our intention is to show how smartphones can go beyond just being a communication device,” said Chris Yie, VP and head of marketing communications for LG Mobile Communications.