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Motorola Broadens Home Automation Line

Motorola will show an expanded line of IP-based homemonitoring cameras and add ten new home monitoring accessories.

The new IPC1000 and IPC2000 allow the user to view their home-based cameras from any Internet-enabled device, including a cellphone. The cameras, which have not been priced, use an 802.11g network and are configurable to record still images, or be motion sensitive. The system can send an e-mail warning to the home owner when activity is detected.

The cameras will ship by mid-2005.

The new Home Monitoring and Control kit wireless accessories include:

  • A camera with day and night viewing capability and infrared detection capability.
  • A power controller for turning lights and household appliances off and on.
  • The table lamp controller to turn on, off, or dim a lamp.
  • A garage-door controller to open and close the door or remotely monitor its status.
  • A TV video controller which gives the user the ability to view up to four cameras from any TV. It is controlled via a special remote.
  • A portable display monitor that connects to three cameras.
  • A stand-alone motion sensor with an integrated infrared detector.
  • A siren that sounds an alert when the sensors are armed and set off.
  • A remote keypad for controlling the overall system, eliminating the need to be on a PC.
  • A repeater to extend the network’s range so all included components can be controlled.