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Most Consumers Plan To Buy A Smart-Home Device In The Next 2 Years: Study

More than half of U.S. consumers plan to buy a smart-home device in the next two years, and of those who already own one, 84 percent plan to buy another one, according to research by the Z-Wave Alliance and PlumChoice.

The pair’s second annual consumer benchmark survey, “2016: Year of the Smart Device,” also highlights the need for companies to provide consumers with a user experience that allows their smart-home devices to fit easily into their lives.

Other key findings include:

*The majority of consumers report owning a total of four to six smart-home devices and 61 percent have interconnected some of those devices. Interoperability becomes a key factor as consumers add more connected devices.

*Smart appliances and smart smoke detectors are among the smart-home products with the highest year-over-year growth, with 267 percent and 250 percent, respectively

*All types of services and support expected from brands increased since 2015, with installation support listed as a top need, by 68 percent of respondents.

The survey also examined consumer behavior — including purchase drivers and rate of adoption — of homeowners compared with renters, along with comparisons between age, gender and current device owners.

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 “The smart-home industry is thriving, and many companies are recognizing that their success is dependent on a seamless consumer user experience,” said Noelani McGadden, IoT VP at PlumChoice. “Last year was a pivotal year for the smart-home industry, with the number of people who own a smart device increasing by a staggering 259 percent. As smart-home device adoption continues to grow, brands must cater to consumers who are expecting support services as part of their purchase, and at the very least provide installation support.”

“It’s clear from our data that not only has the smart home arrived, but the benefits of adding connectivity to the things in our home are finally being realized,” said Mitchell Klein, executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance. “It’s exciting to finally see consumers understanding the value of connecting multiple devices together and to see categories like smart security, thermostats and safety grow year over year.”

The full report is available to download.