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Moni Simplifies Smart-Home Security With Interactive Kiosk

Moni (formerly Monitronics), a Dallas-based home security alarm monitoring company, has introduced what it described as a first-of-its-kind interactive kiosk meant to make smart-home security less inscrutable for consumers.

The kiosk, which was unveiled this week at Dallas Love Field airport, features a representative home exterior on one side and a mock interior on the other. The outside facing has a faux front door equipped with a live SkyBell Wi-Fi video doorbell, and lights and locks that can be controlled by Moni’s mobile app.

Inside, the display holds a video camera and a security panel that allow guests to see, hear and speak to those on the other side of the kiosk.

The demo also features a Nest thermostat and a 16-portal charging station so visitors can energize their phones while exploring the display.

“Smart-home technology can seem intimidating to some consumers but it doesn’t need to be that way,” said Moni president/CEO and TWICE contributor Jeff Gardner. “This new kiosk is intended to help people understand the wide variety of products and technologies that can make their homes easier to manage and provide peace of mind, no matter how close or how far from home they are, with any level of technical ability.”

“Travelers at Dallas Love Field can now see that for themselves while they pass time or wait for a flight,” he said.

The kiosk, located in Terminal B, will be attended by a Moni representative during peak hours to answer questions and help demonstrate the technologies.

A sister kiosk is also on site at Moni headquarters, just outside Dallas in Farmers Branch, Texas.