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Misfit Unveils Low-Price Fitness Tracker

BURLINGAME, CALIF. – Misfit is dropping the price of its Shine and Flash fitness-tracking wearables to $69.99 and $29.99, respectively, from $99.99 and $49.99 while adding a new opening-price model at $19.99.

The company is also adding new functionality to its smartphone app.

The new $19.99 wearable is the Flash Link, an activity tracker and “smart button” compatible with the company’s companion Misfit Link smartphone app. The device is the lowest price multifunctional and modular wearable on the market, Misfit contends.

Flash Link comes with a clasp so it can be worn, whereas the company’s other two trackers come with clasp and one-size-fits-all wristband. Optional wristbands and necklaces to hold the devices are also available.

Flash Link is available at The device will be rolled out later this quarter in retail locations worldwide.

With the new Misfit Link smartphone app, Misfit’s devices will control a phone’s camera to take a selfie, control phone phone-stored and music-streaming services (pause, play, skip, volume), and advance slides in a presentation.

The iOS version of the app is available for download, and the Android version will be released in August.

Additional functionality will come to the app “soon,” the company said, including new home automation control via integration with Logitech Harmony home-control systems and with the Cloud-based web service, which lets consumers control compatible other-brand home-automation products, send messages, and send fitness information to an archive while on the go, the company said.

The first home-automation control for the app was demoed at CES, coinciding with the launch of Misfit Bolt, Misfit’s connected LED bulb.

Also at CES, Misfit announced intentions to upgrade its app to connect Misfit’s sleep tracking functionality and alarm with the Nest Learning Thermostat so consumers could wake up to a preferred temperature, and control August Smart Locks.