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Maytag Shipping New Dishwashers

Maytag, which has focused its attention primarily on laundry appliances, has just begun shipping a new dishwasher series in addition to developing a new feature for its Atlantis dryer.

The new Jetclean dishwashers, which Maytag is calling its “quietest dishwasher ever,” are said to require no prewashing or rinsing of dirty dishes. New features include: a hard-food disposer that collects food continuously but chops it only during the drain cycle, so food particles don’t get back into the water for redeposit on dishes; a six-tier wash system; and a total of 60 spray jets.

Most Jetclean models also offer Auto Clean, which uses an IntelliClean sensor to automatically determine the level of cleaning required for each load and adjusts the number of fills and the water temperature accordingly.

Maytag is also announcing the new “Dryel” cycle on its Atlantis dryers, which is linked to a new fabric-care product from Procter & Gamble and is designed to refresh “dry clean only” items in a home dryer.