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Logitech Links Harmony Line With Google Home

Logitech’s Harmony hub-based devices are now compatible with Google Assistant, providing voice control for the Harmony Elite, Harmony Companion and Harmony Hub within the Google Home ecosystem.  

Once Google Home owners have linked their Harmony devices to the Google Assistant in the smartphone app, they can access Google Actions by saying “OK Google, ask Harmony to …” Actions now available to Harmony users include turning on the TV to a specific channel, controlling lighting, or initiating “activities.”

Logitech gave the example of a “Good Morning” activity that can simultaneously turn on smart bulbs, raise the room temperature via a Nest thermostat, and play music from a compatible speaker.

Consumers can also control their compatible TVs with voice control to pause a movie, change the channel or raise the volume.  

Only one Harmony Hub can be controlled using Google Assistant. Those with multiple hubs will have to select one during the linking process. Google Assistant is not compatible with IR-based Harmony remotes.

Logitech’s Harmony hubs have been compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant since last fall.