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Liebherr Bows R&D Facility

Liebherr, the German refrigerator and freezer manufacturer, has opened a new research and development center at its 44-year-old facility, here.

The new lab will provide engineers with prototyping facilities and state-of-the-art equipment for climate and noise measurement, including climate chambers, acoustic test rooms and an X-ray room. Climate chambers will simulate real-world conditions by creating ambient temperatures ranging from 50°F to 110°F, and humidity levels up to 90 percent, the company said. This allows all refrigeration components, including electronic control systems, evaporators and compressors, to be optimized early on in the design process, either in developing new models or preparing prototypes for mass production.

According to Marc Perez, VP of Liebherr North America, “The new R&D Center is important to both the trade and consumer segments in North America. Our dealers can be confident in the fact that Liebherr will remain on the forefront, always investing in better design and greener ways to manufacture.”

More than 200 business partners flew here from around the world to attend the opening ceremony last month.