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LG.Philips Unveils 52W-Inch LCD TV

The LG.Philips LCD company announced the development of what it claims to be the new world’s largest TFT-LCD TV — a 52-inch widescreen HDTV display.

The TFT-LCD panel lists 1,920 by 1,080 resolution (2.07 million pixels), which the company said is “the best image available for TFT-LCDs.”

The panel, which was demonstrated in Korea in prototype form, uses a proprietary Super-In-Plane-Switching (S-IPS) technology, to produce a super-wide viewing angle of 176 degrees, with a minimum of color shift, and incorporates a modern, “wide” aspect ratio of 16:9, the company said.

LG.Philips LCD said it plans to begin mass production of the panel in late 2003.

The company, a joint venture LCD manufacturing concern between LG and Philips, also produces LCD-TV screens in the following screen sizes: 13-inch, 15.1-inch, 17W-inch, 20.1-inch, 23W-inch, 30W-inch and 42W-inch displays.

LG.Philips quoted market research figures from Austin, Texas-based DisplaySearch, showing LG.Philips LCD in second market share position in LCD-TV production (35.5 percent) trailing the market leader Sharp, which has 48.4 percent share.

Over the next four years, the overall LCD TV market is expected to grow from 1.3 million units in 2002 to more than 16.1 million units by 2006, according to the LG.Philips LCD statement.

LG Electronics and Royal Philips Electronics established LG.Philips LCD as a joint venture manufacturing operation in July 1999.