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LG Readies G3 Case Enabling Quick App Access

Seoul, South Korea — The G3 smartphone that LG will unveil next Tuesday will be available with a first-of-its-kind optional case with a circular window that lets users access key apps without opening the case.

The folder-style QuickCircle case lets users check the time, place calls, send text messages, take photos, control the phone’s music app and get health updates through the window. The case also features wireless Qi charging.

The window emits a soft, white glow whenever the case is opened or closed or a call or text message is received.

A software development kit (SDK) will be available next month so developers can customize apps to perform customized functions through the QuickCircle window.

The new case is “an extension of the QuickWIndow folio case launched last year as an LG G2 handset accessory,” a spokesperson said. “It builds upon the functionality by adding new halo lighting effects, an advanced window menu with more options, and the ability to interface more extensively with the handset’s capabilities while the case is still closed.”

HTC offers a DotView case that displays information with the case closed over the HTC One M8. App control, however, is limited to swiping up or down on the closed cover to take or reject a call.

The G3 QuickCircle Case preview video can be seen on YouTube.