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LG Plans To Boost IQ Of Smart TVs

LG will update its smart TV platform at CES with new features said to make it easier to find and switch among broadcast TV, streaming services and external sources.

With the company’s webOS 3.0 platform, a Channel Plus feature offers a unified channel list that combines OTT content with linear broadcast TV channels for surfing. Channel Plus offers free digital content from broadcasters and publications as well as premium content from digital networks and multichannel networks (MCNs), LG said.

The new multiview feature lets users watch two sources simultaneously, such as two TV channels at the same time or one TV channel and a Blu-ray movie at the same time.

Another new feature lets viewers check programming on up to 10 favorite channels without leaving their current screen.

Other enhancements include:

–channel adviser, which analyzes viewing patterns and displays the upcoming time slots and programming information about frequently watched programs.

–ability to play streaming music through TV speakers even when the TV is off.

–and on-screen control of LG smart appliances and compatible other-brand appliances via Wi-Fi.

Also new is an upgraded Magic remote, which adds power and menu buttons to control set-top boxes. It also adds the ability to control DVR functions.

A Magic Zoom feature enables zooming without degrading picture quality, and

Magic Mobile Connection lets users connect a smartphone to the TV via an LG app to display mobile apps on the TV.