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LG Minibeam Projectors Brighten Up, Lighten Up

LG’s Minibeam projector lineup will get additions at CES with the launch of three models that are brighter and smaller than current models.

All feature Wi-Fi to connect to mobile devices and Bluetooth to connect to wireless speakers. One operates on rechargeable battery.

The hand-held devices will ship in the first quarter. Pricing wasn’t released.

The new LG PH550 shares similar features to the previous PH300 version but raises output to 550 lumens and adds Bluetooth connectivity to speakers. The PH550 delivers what the company calls “triple wire-free connectivity,” which consists of Wi-Fi-mirroring Screen Share, Bluetooth connectivity, and a cord-free rechargeable internal battery that lasts up to 2.5 hours. It will be the brightest of LG’s battery-powered projectors at 550 lumens.

The new PW1500 is brighter at 1,500 lumens compared to the current PW800, making it the brightest in the Minibeam line and suitable not only for business presentations but also playing movies.

The new PW1000 delivers 1,000 lumens, up from the current PW600 version, and offers the features of the PW1500 at a lower cost.