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Klipsch Unveils Reference Home-Theater Speakers Under Unity Strategy

Indianapolis — Klipsch unveiled the first Reference-series home-theater speakers under its Reference Unity strategy.

Under the strategy, announced last Friday, all future soundbars and headphones, and a majority of home theater speakers, will carry the Reference-series name to tell a unified sonic-signature story to consumers across product categories. A majority of the brand’s product offerings will therefore be available as part of the Reference series.

The company positioned the strategy as making Reference’s “superior sonic signature attainable to a wider audience at various price points.”

The first Reference soundbar was unveiled Monday.

The new Reference home-theater speakers  represent the entry-level models in what the company said would be a “tiered” approach to Reference home-theater speakers. They will join the currently available Reference II series. The home-theater speaker strategy will be fully implemented in 2015, the company noted.

The new home-theater speakers consist of two floorstanding towers, the R-28F and R-26F at $698 and $898/pair; the R-15M and R-14M monitors; the R-25C center channel at $249; the R-14S surround pair at $279/pair; and two subwoofers at $349 and $449.

The speakers are available in brushed-black polymer veneer finish with proprietary Tractrix horn technology and Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) aluminum tweeters used in previous Reference speakers and in the flagship Palladium series to minimize distortion, provide detail and produce “clean, natural sound,” the company said.

The subwoofers are also available in a black polymer veneer finish and feature digital amplifier and front-firing injection-molded graphite drivers, said to be light yet rigid to minimize cone breakup and distortion.

 “The Reference sound signature is what makes people passionate about the Klipsch brand,” said Mark Casavant, Klipsch’s global product development senior VP.

Under the Unity strategy, current home-theater speakers in the Palladium, Heritage, Gallery and THX Ultra2 lines will remain.

Although the company originally said all future home-theater speakers would be launched under the Reference name, a spokesperson said the company isn’t precluding future home-theater speaker launches in those series.