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Klipsch Adds Reference Premiere Series

LAS VEGAS — Klipsch is replacing most of its Reference II series in-room speakers with a 10-SKU Reference Premiere line consisting of three floorstanding speakers at $400 to $675 each, two monitors at $600 and $500/pair, three center channels from $450 to $650 each, and two surrounds at $325 and $450 each.

The company will continue to offer the top models in the Reference II series: a $1,600-each floor stander, bookshelf speakers at $850/pair, center channel at $1,399, and surround at $600 each.

The Reference Premiere line, which becomes the flagship Reference speaker line, features multiple tweeter and woofer improvements over Reference II. Premiere joins the newer Klipsch Reference series, which is the entry-level Reference series under Klipsch’s new Reference Unity Strategy.

Under that strategy, Klipsch is unifying all future home theater speakers, soundbars and headphones under the Reference umbrella to tell a unified sonic-signature story.

The new speakers are two-way models with brushed-polymer veneer/wood-grain vinyl finish, and they offer “an overall speaker efficiency the highest in its class,” the company said.

In the new series, the tweeters feature all-new 90×90 hybrid cross-section Tractrix horn said to provide wider, more constant dispersion, flatter frequency response, a larger listening area with controlled directivity, and more accurate sound.

The all-new woofers are made with Cerametallic cones that are very light yet rigid to deliver low frequency response with minimal cone breakup and distortion, Klipsch said.

Tractrix horn geometry in the new woofer ports allow for “the most efficient, fastest air transfer” from the port to provide “the cleanest, most powerful low frequency response on the market,” Klipsch continued.

The all-new woofers also feature improved dustcap, folded-edge cone for extreme rigidity, improved voice coil cooling for greater power handling, and long-throw design to maximize low-frequency response and minimize distortion. The three floorstanding models feature dual woofers.