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KB Gear Upgrades JamCam Line, Intros MP3 Player

KB Gear Interactive reported from the International Toy Fair that it will expand its pre-school line of PC accessories and its digital camera line later this year and will roll out a sub-$100 MP3 player.

The 3D Cruiser steering wheel and Sing’n Sound Studio microphone will start shipping to mass merchants and computer retailers this fall and will carry suggested prices of less than $60. The 3D Cruiser will come with a 3D software game that lets children drive, fly or sail through a virtual world. It is intended for kids three-to-six years old and will be available for Windows and Macintosh computers. The Sing’n Sound Studio will come with software that lets children sing along with their favorite songs, record and then add special effects to their voices.

KB’s entry into the MP3 recorder/player category will take place this summer with the release of the JamP3. The device will have 16MB of internal memory and be equipped with either a CompactFlash or SmartMedia flash media card, said Pete Stoddart, KB’s director of marketing. The MP3 player can store about one hour of radio-quality or 15 minutes of CD-quality music.

An upgraded version of KB’s JamCam 3.0 digital camera will also ship this summer. Product specifications for the new camera have not been finalized, but it will include either a SmartMedia or CompactFlash card, a display of some type and a flash. When the new version begins shipping KB will phase out its older cameras, Stoddart said.

The company also has a new version of its Pablo graphics tablet coming out this summer. The $59 Pablo has a 5×7-inch writing area and a stylus and comes with software allowing the user to upload personal artwork to a Web site.

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