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Kaleidescape Adds UltraViolet Capability

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Movie server and download resource Kaleidescape said this week that its Kaleidescape Store has been updated to integrate UltraViolet movies from other online stores with the Kaleidescape library.

Using a linked UltraViolet account, Kaleidescape Store customers will now have access to downloads at no additional cost for previously purchased movies from other UltraViolet retailers like Vudu, Flixster or Target Ticket.

Linked accounts will also give Kaleidescape Store customers the ability to easily consolidate movie collections from other UltraViolet retail sites into a single library, “with the pristine audio and video quality that Kaleidescape users have come to expect,” the company said.

 All downloads from the Kaleidescape Store come in full Blu-ray or DVD video and audio quality.