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Jabra Bluetooth Headset Lighter, Thinner

The next-generation Bluetooth headset is being introduced by Jabra. The BT500, called one of the thinnest headsets in the industry, is 20 percent lighter and 30 percent slimmer than the previous generation BT250.

The unit features a discreet behind-the-ear design with a lightweight, ultra-slim body and sleek chrome microphone boom arm that curves from behind the ear along the jaw line. It also provides a more stable wireless link between the headset and the mobile phone, with an improved antenna design increasing audio performance and less interference. It has eight hours of talk time and 240 hours of standby time.

Other features include one-touch pairing button and mute function, direct charging from a PC via a USB cable, Bluetooth link and battery status indication using LED, voice dial, call hold/call wait and last-number redial.

Suggested retail is $119.