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ITN Launches North American TV/DVD Line

International Technologies Network (ITN) announced it has launched the ITN brand for the North American market, initially carrying a line of TV/DVD combo products.

The company recently began testing a 13-inch model with “several large retailers” and plans to begin recruiting new accounts and taking orders from its suite at the Riviera Casino during next month’s International CES.

The first TV/DVD combo products slated for North America include the 13-inch ($199.99 suggested retail), 20-inch ($349.99), 27-inch ($449.99) and 32-inch ($699.99) screen sizes. The 32-inch model will feature a True Flat picture tube and integrated surround sound system.

By the second quarter of 2003, the line will be expanded with a pair of LCD-based TV/DVD combo models in the 15- and 17-inch screen sizes. The company said it expects to offer TV/DVR (hard drive recorder) combo products in the second half of 2003.

Profilo Telra Electronics (PTE) of Istanbul will manufacture products for ITN at factories in Turkey. PTE distributes the Telra brand products in Europe.

ITN Inc. is a privately held corporation with offices in Thousand Oaks, Calif., Beijing and Istanbul. ITN has a 20-year history of exporting air conditioners, consumer electronics, printed circuit boards, heavy-duty batteries, and audio speakers.

It supplies component part to PTE and other manufacturers, including U.S. audio companies North Creek, Snell and Pinnacle Speakers.

ITN markets audio components in Europe and is considering bringing similar products to the United States.

Commenting on the new agreement with PTE, S. R. Nair, ITN president, said, “The tie-up with Profilo gives us a significant edge. With their brand recognition in Europe, product quality, and competitive pricing, we hope to make inroads into the U.S. market.”

“We are very excited about this venture,” said Farzad Kuchani, PTE CEO. “We hope that our manufacturing strength combined with ITN’s marketing ability would create a market presence in the U.S.”