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iDVDBox To Use Tvia Chip

SAN JOSE, CALIF. —Tvia, a manufacturer of streaming media gateway silicon solutions for Internet appliances, said iDVDBox, of Boca Raton, Fla., will use its streaming media processing technology in its iDVDBox, an integrated Interactive-Internet, set-top box and DVD player. The player, which is slated to ship by the end of the year, will incorporate the Tvia CyberPro 5005 streaming media processor that provides broadcast-quality video, as well as high-performance graphics, audio, text, animation and Internet content to be displayed onto a television screen, the company said. The device allows consumers to surf the Internet, send e-mail, and enjoy the full capabilities of DVD and CD players at a click of a button. The iDVDBox supports HTML, JavaScript, Flash and SSL, as well as all major audio, video and graphics format, and provides advanced professional-grade surround sound capabilities and picture quality, Tvia said.

Hot Products To Produce Game Pad For NUON Player

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. —Hot Products will develop and supply the NUON Media Stick Game Pad controller, which Samsung offers as a standard pack-in item for its first NUON-enhanced DVD Player, named the Extiva DVDN2000.

Blockbuster Gets LucasArts N64 Distribution Exclusive

SAN RAFAEL, CALIF. —LucasArts Entertainment and video rental giant Blockbuster have signed a deal that will enable Blockbuster to exclusively distribute, for rental or purchase, the Nintendo 64 version ofIndiana Jones and the Infernal Machine in December. The game is to be distributed strictly through Blockbuster stores, its online site or LucasArts’ online store. Blockbuster will list the title under its “Guaranteed to be There” program. The game carries a “Teen” rating for animated violence and features several enhancements over its PC counterpart, including game control, graphics, environmental audio and dynamic lighting, LucasArts said.

Western Digital To Supply Hard Drives For Xbox

IRVINE, CALIF. —Western Digital announced it has won a contract with Microsoft to supply hard drives for the forthcoming Xbox future-generation video game console. The new platform is expected to ship to retailers in the third quarter of 2001. Under the agreement, Western Digital will ship hard drives to Microsoft in June 2001 and is scheduled to continue shipping through midyear 2003. Xbox will use a single-platter, 3.5-inch hard drive, based on Western Digital’s value-line platform.