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Intel Boosts DSL Capabilities With Ambient Technologies Purchase

Intel’s acquisition of Ambient Technologies last week for $150 million will give the chipmaker the ability to add both DSL and analog modem capabilities to the company’s processors.

Ambient, a developer of integrated DSL and analog modems, will provide Intel with the technology to create a new chipset capable of delivering analog 56K and DSL. Intel said in a written release that dual Internet connectivity capabilities will be needed for home PCs until the DSL infrastructure is built and becomes widely available.

“It is imperative that we offer customers a smooth migration path from their existing analog modems to a broadband modem,” said Mark Christensen, VP and GM of Intel’s network communications group.

A time frame has not been set for the release of a digital/analog modem.

Intel’s interest in modem picked up this year with the company’s introduction of the Pro DSL modem in early January. The company does not have an analog modem in the market and has no plans to develop one, a company spokeswoman said.