Innotop Said It’s Making An iPhone Aimer Case Just For Pokemon Go

Accessory snaps on for more accurate Pokeball throwing
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pokemon aimer case

That didn’t take very long.

One company said it’s now selling a smartphone accessory for catching Pokemons

Although the Israel-based Innotop bills the Pokémon Aimer as a case, it’s really more of a snap-on accessory. The device features Aimer and Carry modes, the former enabling users to launch a Pokeball to the Pokémons, and the latter snapping to the back of the phone or clipping to a belt for unobstructed phone use.

Innotop said it’s currently manufacturing versions for the iPhone 6 and 6s, and is readying other models. It comes in white, black, blue or red for $9.99. A company spokesman told TWICE the Aimer is currently available in about 600 stores in South Carolina "through a local distributor."   


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