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The Imaging Alliance Elects Four New Board Members

The Imaging Alliance announced four new board members today, representing diverse aspects of the industry, the group said.

The new members are Cathi Nelson, president/founder of the Association of Professional Photo Organizers (APPO); Jirair Christianian, president of Mike’s Camera, based in Boulder, Colo.; Rick Voight, CEO, Vivid-Pix; and Hans Hartman, chair, Mobile Photo Connect.

With the new members, the number of board members now totals 18, including camera and accessory manufacturers, printers, software developers, research experts, retailers, publishers, consultants and consumer advocates.

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“We’ve envisioned that The Imaging Alliance board should represent a much more diverse view of the imaging industry,” said Jerry Grossman, executive director, The Imaging Alliance. “Bringing the many facets of our industry together, from manufacturers and retailers to software developers and research experts, will allow us to expand the purview of The Imaging Alliance to all facets of visual innovation.”

“I believe in a strong industry association that can serve all segments of photography consumers, from professionals to those interested in artistic expression and the preservation of their family memories,” said Christianian, whose 11-store retail chain is among the leaders in the industry. “I look forward to working together with manufacturers, distributors, and service providers to grow our industry.”

“With so many fast changes within the imaging industry and larger tech industry that impact all of us, there is a need for a broadly supported industry voice,” added Hartman, whose organization is a respected consultancy serving imaging and tech companies.  “I’m excited to be a part of the group helping to shape this voice.”

“The Imaging Alliance will continue to broaden its board with a diverse group of industry executives that represent the future of our industry,” said Jim Malcolm, president of the Imaging Alliance.” We’re proud to have Jirair, Rick, Cathi and Hans join our efforts to expand our views and contribute to the industry.”