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iLuv Adds Alarm Clock With Pillow Shaker

Port Washington, N.Y. – iLuv Creative Technology has added an alarm clock to its line with a twist, or really a shake: the TimeShaker Micro with a patent-pending pillow shaker.

The Bluetooth-enabled speaker allows consumers with smartphones or tablets to take advantage of iLuv’s vibrating shaker, which lets users both hear and feel their alarm, the company said.

“With last summer’s successful TimeShaker launch, consumers were asking for a product that would work not just with Apple devices but with all mobile devices.  We created the TimeShaker Micro to address that consumer need and bring our shaker technology to any user, no matter what device they own,” said Jason Park, marketing manager at iLuv.

“Now users of any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device can wake up any way they choose, whether it be through a traditional buzzer, radio, or our innovative pillow shaker that awakens users without disturbing anyone else in the room,” Park said.

This dual alarm clock speaker enables two separate alarms and offers multiple alarm options, including FM radio, buzzer and pillow shaker. Featuring stereo speakers, TimeShaker Micro allows users to enjoy their favorite music from their devices or the radio in jAura sound. TimeShaker Micro’s detachable shaker fits under a pillow and vibrates to effectively and discreetly wake heavy sleepers, the hearing impaired and anyone who shares a room.

In addition to the alarm’s Bluetooth capabilities, TimeShaker Micro includes an aux input for wired devices and a USB port to charge smartphones and tablets.

The TimeShaker Micro has a suggested retail of $49.99 and is available at and select retailers now.