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IHS: Vizio Retakes Q1 LCD TV Unit Share Lead


Vizio reclaimed the No. 1 brand share
position for U.S. LCD TV shipments during the first quarter
of 2012, based on research from IHS/iSuppli.

According to the IHS numbers, the Southern California
TV supplier tallied 18.5 percent share of U.S. LCD TV unit
volume in the period, up 3.5 percent from the prior quarter
on sales of 1.21 million units. This beat out the previous
No. 1, Samsung, which dropped 5.3 percent from the previous
quarter to No. 2, with 17.6 percent share on shipments
of 1.15 million units in the period.

“Vizio made strong market share gains in the first quarter
of 2012 to take the No. 1 position in U.S. LCD shipments
as a result of their dominance in America’s most
popular sizes, 32-inch and 40-/42-inch,” stated Tom Morrod,
IHS iSuppli TV technology senior principal analyst.

However, Morrod said that Samsung ranked first in
the period for U.S. unit shipment volume of televisions of
all types (including plasmas and other large-screen displays).
Morrod added that while the firm could not provide
detailed vendor revenue for the categories, it can generally
be expected that Samsung ranked first in overall shipment
dollar volume for the period.

“In general, Vizio won in the 32-/42-inch categories, (40
vs. 42 inches in the case of Samsung/Vizio). However,
Samsung tended to win in FullHD volumes, in plasma and
larger screen sizes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they have
higher values,” Morrod said.

Added IHS’s Ed Border: “I would expect [Vizio] to have an average selling price at least around $100 lower
than Samsung, and to thus not be ahead in pure revenue
terms in the US LCD market.”

Samsung tended to command higher average selling
prices than Vizio across all screen size groups, although
the difference was smaller at the more popular
screen sizes, he added.