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iHome Readies AirPlay Speaker, iPod Speaker


SDI Technologies is launching multiple
iHome-branded audio products, including the
iA63 iPod/iPhone speaker with motorized rotating
dock and the brand’s first AirPlay-equipped speaker

The AirPlay system is the $299-suggested iPod/
iPhone-docking iW1, a one-piece AC/DC speaker that
streams music and metadata via Wi-Fi from a PC’s iTunes
application and from the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
The handheld devices can also be used as RF remotes to
select PC-stored songs for streaming.

AirPlay supports streaming to multiple Air-
Play-equipped devices simultaneously.

The iHome device comes with a stand-alone
iPhone/iPod dock that connects via the USB
cable packaged with iPhones and iPods. It will
ship sometime in early 2011 and could be the
first AirPlay speaker on the market, a spokesman

The $99.99-suggested iA63 iPod/iPhone
speaker features a button that consumers press
to engage a motor that rotates a Touch or iPhone
into portrait or landscape mode. The system incorporates
FM, alarm clock, 100/240-volt universal
power adapter, compatibility with a free
alarm clock app, and compatibility with a $1.99
Internet radio app that lets users wake to Internet
radio stations.