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Icontrol To Certify Lowe’s Iris Home-Automation Devices

Redwood City, Calif. — Icontrol Networks, whose home-automation platform is used by North American cable-TV providers, will begin early this year to certify many Lowe’s Iris smart-home devices for interoperability with Icontrol-powered home-automation systems.

Lowe’s will also help consumers determine product capability by featuring the OpenHome brand mark online and in stores. An in-aisle electronic display will also help customers sort products by OpenHome device compatibility and the service providers they work with. Consumers can also use the co-branded OpenHome website to research compatible products.

Icontrol launched its certification program in 2013 to encourage compatibility among devices. More than 100 devices and applications are already certified. They include Nest products, Philips Hue lighting, LG Smart Bulbs, the Logitech Harmony Remote and others.

“By offering consumers access to these items through the convenience and ease of Lowe’s stores nationwide,” said Icontrol CEO Bob Hagerty, “together we’re making the vision of the smart home a reality.”

Icontrol’s Converge platform for service providers features all-in-one touchscreen and security panel as well as Wi-Fi- and ZigBee-enabled devices. Icontrol Touchstone platform delivers self-installable, self-managed home-automation systems assembled and installed by the end user, opening up new online and retail distribution opportunities for cable service providers.

The company uses the latter platform for its Piper all-in-one home security, video-monitoring and automation device available to consumers. Kansas City, Mo.-based Smart Home Ventures also uses the platform to sell its system through retail.