HTC Unveils Flagship Android 4.0 Phones

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HTC unveiled a new flagship smartphone series described by CEO Peter Chou as the best the company has ever made.

The One series phones, unveiled here at the recent Mobile World Congress, are destined for multiple U.S. carriers.

The three phones are the HTC One X, One S and One V, all with Android 4.0, HTC’s new Sense 4 user interface, upgraded camera capabilities and Beats audio technology. They will be launched worldwide in the spring.

One version of the top-end One X will feature 4G LTE and HSPA+ technology and be available from AT&T in the coming months. It will also feature a dual-core 1.5Hz processor and 4.7-inch 720p super LCD display.

A One X version lacking LTE is due in markets outside the U.S. and will incorporate Nvidia’s new 4-Plus-1 quad-core processor, which also incorporates a fifth battery-saving core that handles less-demanding tasks such as active standby and music playback. The 1.5GHz quad-core processor was also launched here in one LG phone.

The HTC One S, due from T-Mobile in the spring, features a contoured 4.3-inch qHD AMOLED touchscreen, 0.3-inch depth to make it HTC’s thinnest phone to date, 4G HSPA+ 42Mbps technology and dual-core 1.5GHz processor.

The One V, promoted as offering “broad appeal,” will be available with a 3.7-inch screen from C-Spire, Cincinnati Bell, MetroPCS, U.S. Cellular and Virgin Mobile, HTC said.

All three One-series phones apply Beats audio technology across music sources, including YouTube, streaming music services and games, not just stored music.

All also feature HTC ImageSense, a new suite of camera and imaging features that include multiple features not previously offered by HTC. The new features include Superfast Capture, which reduces the time to take a picture to 0.7 seconds. Fast 0.2-second autofocus lets users take continuous shots by holding the shutter button.

The camera suite also includes an f/2.0 lens on the HTC One X and HTC One S.

The suite delivers Concurrent Video/Still Capture to shoot video and capture a photo at the same time. When shooting 1080p HD video, users tap the shutter button to snap a high-resolution still photo while continuing to take video. Users can also create a picture from a recorded video.

The suite’s high dynamic range (HDR) technology improves contrast in captured photos. HDR takes multiple photos of a subject in rapid succession, each with a different exposure level, then layers the images to create a single photo that combines the best parts of each image to deliver a more accurate range of light.

The top-end One X and One S will feature an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video capture, while the One V features a 5-megapixel camera with 720p video capture.


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