Headphones $99 and less: 808 Performer BT

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808 PERFORMER BT_4_3_1.jpg

Made in collaboration with professional DJs and sound engineers, 808 Audio calls the Performer BT “the most versatile and dynamically designed headphone in the industry.” Inspired by high-end studio microphone mounts, the Performer utilizes a unique suspended ear cup design that allows for the best ergonomic fit for heads of all sizes, adjusting to the user’s ears with acoustic sealing and enhanced noise isolation. The spring steel frame integrates a super-soft silicone headband which contours around the user’s head without sacrificing tension to keep the headphones in place. Each ear cup is also secured to the headband with an adjustable hinge that allows vertical rotation up to 90 degrees for single ear monitoring. The Performer BT offers complete versatility by utilizing Bluetooth controls built into the ear cup for a completely wireless experience for up to 15 hours, or use of the detachable 3.5mm cable that includes a built in mic and track controls.


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