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Hackers Disrupt PlayStation, Xbox Networks

Foster City, Calif. – Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network, the Internet service platforms for the popular video game consoles, were attacked by hackers Christmas day, causing connection failures.

A group of hackers calling itself Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the disruptions on Twitter postings.

Lizard Squad, which claimed responsibility for a similar hit on Sony earlier in the year, said it would stop hitting the services if users called attention to the hack by retweeting its statements.

Both services posted statements to users Thursday. Microsoft said it was aware some Xbox Live users are having difficulty signing into their online accounts. The Xbox team said it is working to fix the problem.

Similarly, Sony Computer Entertainment, which runs the PlayStation Network said: “We are aware that some users are experiencing difficulty logging into the PSN. We will update this article with any changes that occur in regards to this issue.”

Both networks were still having problems Friday morning. Xbox Live said service was “up and running,” while PSN was still officially offline.

The attacks follow the recent and well-publicized hack of Sony Pictures, allegedly by agents of the North Korean government, in an attempt to halt the distribution of the studio’s new comedy film, “The Interview,” which involves an assassination attempt on North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. 

The film was released on Christmas day via Google Inc.’s YouTube video-streaming website, the Xbox video console and, a website sponsored by Sony.

Hackers had warned of denial-of-service attacks on Christmas Day.