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Gracenote: DVRs To Extend Record Time If Sports Game Goes Into Overtime

Gracenote promises your DVR will automatically extend recording time whenever a sports game goes into overtime.

The supplier of music, movie, TV and sports data is extending its reach with DVR Extend technology, which ensures sports fans don’t miss the overtime action when they set their DVR to record a sports program.

“This means that sports fans won’t have to pad their DVR recordings of the Stanley Cup by two hours only to miss the winning goal by a few seconds,” the company said.

Gracenote’s current customers include cable and satellite-TV operators and TiVo, but the company declined to say which clients might launch the feature.

DVR Extend works like this:

DVR Extend uses a combination of predictive analytics based on live game stats, historical sports data, TV schedules and human editors, the company explained. That enables the DVR to adjust the recording of a live sports game if the game goes past its scheduled broadcast time. During each game, Gracenote will deliver predictive updates in real-time to cable and satellite operators so they can adjust their TV schedules and customers’ DVR record times.

DVR Extend is the first of a series of sports offerings that integrates Gracenote’s database of sports schedules, scores, play-by-play stats, and team and player information for all major professional leagues around the world, the company said. 

Gracenote’s sports metadata will also make it easier for sports viewers to find and record programs featuring specific sports, leagues, divisions, teams and major events, the company said. It will also help viewers link to related programs such as pre- and post-game shows. 

Cable and satellite operators will also be able to add play-by-play game and player statistics as overlays on the TV and send push notifications to mobile applications. 

Earlier this year, Gracenote acquired Infostrada Sports and SportsDirect to become the first global provider of music, movie, TV and sports data, the company said.