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GoldenEar Adds Flagship Sub, Expands Triton

LAS VEGAS – GoldenEar is expanding its selection of Triton floorstanding speakers and launching the first in a new SuperSub series, which will become the company’s flagship powered-sub-woofer series.

The latest Triton speaker is the Triton Five, arriving in March at a projected retail of $999 each. It will join the $2,499-each Triton One, $1,499-each Triton Two, $999-each Triton Three (to be repriced to $1,099 at an unspecified date), and $699-each Triton Seven. The Five and Seven are the only speakers in the series without built-in powered sub.

The Triton Five is a larger version of the Seven, offering greater dynamic range, deeper bass extension, better imaging, and other refinements, including an unusual cabinet shape that delivers acoustic and visual benefits, the company said. The front cabinet wall leans back to align the driver array for optimum response at an ear-level listening position. Non-parallel front and rear walls control internal standing waves, as do non-parallel side walls and a slanted top.

Like the One, Two, and Seven, the Five combines a D’Appolito Array of two 6-inch bass/midrange drivers above and below a High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter, which is used in all GoldenEar speakers to extend response to 35kHz without the break-up modes and distortion common to other tweeter types, the company said.

Like the top-end Triton One, the Five incorporates four side-mounted 8-inch sub-bass radiators (two on each side in an inertially-balanced configuration) near the floor. That, combined with a larger cabinet and drivers compared with the opening-price Seven, “delivers low-distortion subwoofer quality bass from a sleek, attractively sized, passive speaker,” the company said.

In subs, the top-end SuperSub series gets its first model, the $1,999 XXL, due in the summer. The company’s current three-SKU ForceField series is priced from $499 to $999.

The new series offers more highly styled cabinets, more powerful amplifiers, and more powerful DSP control (56 bit compared with 48 bit). The 1,600-watt XXL features two active 12-inch dri