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German Maestro Pushes Into U.S.

German Maestro said it hopes to sell its new car stereo brand through 150 outlets by the end of the year.

Lead by industry veteran Ray Windsor, the company is selling speakers manufactured in the same Obrigheim, Germany factory where the original MB Quart speakers were previously built.

Windsor said his focus is to push a protected brand that carries 55 percent margins and maintains a strict minimum resale policy.

The company, which recently shipped its first speakers, tracks product serial numbers to prevent transshipping and claimed to possess the “discipline” to cut off transshippers. Product is also protected from Internet sales.

The German Maestro line includes the EV6508 6.5-inch component speaker at a $450 street price and a 10-inch Marina MRC 10008 coaxial speaker for $1,000.

MB Quart was purchased while in receivership in 2005 by Maxxsonics, which later sold the MB Quart factory to former MB Quart management who launched the German Maestro brand in November 2008. Windsor claimed the factory’s 40 employees are all original MB Quart employees.

German Maestro announced Windsor as president in January.