F&P Updates Its ActiveSmart Refrigerator Line



Fisher & Paykel has refreshed its E22B ActiveSmart refrigerator line with new style, storage and lighting enhancements.

The new models have a sleeker appearance thanks to a seamless, stainless-steel styling that conceals compartment hinges.

Also, LED lighting replaces halogen bulbs to reduce potential glare, provide better food illumination, and cut power usage by 88 percent.

In addition, an improved ice maker produces 75 percent more ice, water delivery is 65 percent faster, and new removable and stackable bottle holders can be placed anywhere within the fridge to maximize space.

F&P’s ActiveSmart technology also monitors refrigerator use and adjusts airflow to maintain a steady temperature to keep food fresher longer.

“The latest chapter in the ActiveSmart line refines the platform to an even higher level with focus on integration and designer elements,” said F&P marketing manager Scott Davies.

The updated line ships this month under the Fisher & Paykel brand.


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