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Flat-Panel TVs: 40 to 57 Inches: LG 55EC9300 Curved OLED TV

LG’s 55EC9300 55-inch curved OLED TV offers exceptional picture quality thanks to proprietary LG OLED technology whereby each of the TV’s individual self-lighting pixels switch off completely when reproducing black. With no light bleed, LG OLED achieves true black for infinite contrast that delivers crisper images and color. Unlike most LCD TVs, it does not suffer from color washout and lower contrast when viewed off-axis. Thanks to its frameless, bezel-less “Cinema Screen” design, the picture goes virtually from edge to edge. It features LG Smart TV with webOS, which delivers an intuitive interface that offers lightning-quick transitions between broadcast TV, streaming services and external devices. Moreover, all are accessible via one click on the “launcher bar” menu and when activated, it’s subtly overlaid on the screen, so consumers never have to leave the content they are watching while navigating menus – whether it’s streaming content from Netflix or the input for a Blu-ray player or cable box. The EC9300 will receive a free software update to its webOS Smart TV platform that will deliver faster speeds and improved features.