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Epoq Expands Flat-Panel TV Line With LCDs, Plasmas

Titan Global Commerce, based here, said it has expanded its value-priced Epoq Renaissance Series of high-definition flat-panel televisions with four large-format LCD TVs. and two HD plasma sets.

All of the new Epoq flat-panel models incorporate ATSC digital tuners and onscreen program guides that integrate both analog and digital TV broadcast channel data, delivered by broadcasters. Models also feature advanced video scaler engines with DCDi and O-Plus processors, which can be applied to both standard-definition and high-definition signal sources.

The new large-screen LCD Epoq models incorporate ASV LCD substrates, new drive technology and fully integrated chassis. Screens are said to produce high contrast, high brightness and wide viewing angles.

In addition, the Epoq models were developed with a focus on custom installers, including such features as RS-232 controller interfaces and discrete IR commands.

The new big-screen LCD TVs include the 32W-inch LTV-32A2 ($3,499 suggested retail), which features two integrated 181 Ch. analog TV tuners, V-Chip, picture in picture, split-screen zoom, four-line comb filter and 3:2 pull-down. Resolution is listed as 1,280 by 768 pixels. The contrast ratio is 600:1, and brightness is 500 cdm2.

Model LTV-37B1 ($2,999), which ships in September, features a 37W-inch screen size and a similar feature package. Inputs include VGA, two progressive component video and DVI-HDCP/HDMI

The LTV-40A2 ($6,999) offers a 40W-inch screen and the same feature/performance package as the LTV-37A2.

The new Renaissance Series LCD and plasma models include the RTV-2611S 26W-inch LCD TV w/ integrated 181 Ch. analog TV tuner, V-Chip, picture-in-picture, split screen zoom, four-line comb filter and 3:2 pull down. Resolution is listed as 1280-by-768 pixels, contrast is 600:1, and brightness is 500 cdm2.

Inputs include two progressive component video inputs, and DVI-HDCP/HDMI.

Renaissance Series plasma models include the 42W-inch HTV-4252 ($3,499), which ships in September and includes integrated ATSC and NTSC tuning, V-Chip, picture-in-picture, split screen zoom, four-line comb filter and 3:2 pull-down.

Seven separate video inputs are offered including two progressive component video, VGA, and DVI-HDCP/HDMI.

Resolution is listed as 1,024 by 768. Contrast is said to be 3,000:1, and brightness is 1,000 cdm2.

The HTV-5051 ($5,499, September) is a 50W-inch model with a similar feature package, plus 1,366 by 768 pixel resolution, 3,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,000 cdm2 brightness performance.