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Energous Joins Power Matters Alliance

San Jose Calif. — Energous is advancing its quest to bring truly wireless charging technology to the masses by joining the Power Matters Alliance (PMA), it announced at the group’s member conference in Miami today.

In addition, the company will chair the newly formed Uncoupled Power Working Group (UPG).

According to the PMA, UPG is chartered with the leadership and development of standardized specifications for wireless power transfer based on non-magnetic technologies such as RF, ultrasound and laser that deliver power at a distance of up to 30 feet. The PMA will also manage the certification program ensuring that products developed based upon PMA UPG specifications will be interoperable and deliver a compelling user experience to consumers, the group said.

The UPG plans to work at an accelerated pace with expectations that products based upon a PMA-approved specification could enter the market as early as Q4 2015.

Energous’ WattUp uncoupled wireless charging technology is currently in development. The company has signed more than a dozen joint development agreements with hardware and other technology companies, including appliance giant Haier.

WattUp was named a 2015 International CES Innovation Awards honoree in the smart home, portable power and embedded technologies categories.

“Energous is pleased to join PMA in this leadership role to develop specifications for delivering power at a distance while allowing complete mobility and interoperability,” said Steve Rizzone, chairman, president and CEO of Energous. “Helping to lead the consolidation and standardization of wireless power is an important part of our mission to make wire-free charging as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi.”

“We are delighted to welcome Energous to PMA,” said Ron Resnick, PMA president. “Their contributions and leadership will be a welcome addition to the Alliance. At PMA, we are focused on creating the industry standard for wireless power, which includes tightly and loosely coupled technologies and the new field of uncoupled power transfer.”

Founded in 2012, PMA is a global, not-for-profit standards organization chartered to ensure global interoperability for wireless charging. The PMA board includes Duracell, Starbucks, Powermat Technologies, AT&T, Flextronics Power and the U.S. Government’s Energy Star team, among others.