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EIA Allows Separate Incorporations For CEMA, Other Alliance Members

The Electronics Industries Alliance’s (EIA) board of governors has voted to allow separate incorporations for its sector associations, such as the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA).

Under the plan approved by EIA, all current and new sector associations will be able to become or maintain their status as independent associations free to pursue their own goals and visions. Sector associations will continue to be joined together as part of the Alliance, such as CEMA and groups covering telecommunications, government electronics, components and others, the EIA said.

CEMA president Gary Shapiro, attending the EIA Fall Conference at Rancho Mirage, Calif., this week issued a statement welcoming the EIA’s decision. “This new structure will enable EIA and each sector association to grow and prosper as well as better meet the needs of our members.” The Alliance concept was first developed in October 1997.

While the statement did not explain whether CEMA plans to form a separate entity, it does indicate where Shapiro is leaning. “This represents an exciting opportunity to redefine and reorganize our association to reflect the excitement and dynamism of the consumer electronics industry. It also presents an opportunity to better tailor our services and strategic plans to meet our members’ needs and create an even more compelling, innovative and entrepreneurial workplace.”

The decision is significant for CEMA, organizer of International CES, because according to several CE manufacturers the consumer electronics organization will have more flexibility to spend and invest funds generated from the show.

Details concerning CEMA’s possible incorporation were being discussed at the Rancho Mirage meeting at press time.

Currently the EIA is comprised of over 2,100 members, representing 80% of the $550 billion U.S. electronics industry.