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DWIN Electronics used CEDIA to introduce a pair of high-definition digital displays — a 50W-inch plasma panel and a 720p front projector.

The plasma panel — which DWIN calls the PlasmaImage HD-50TS — incorporates the company’s processing electronics, and features an asymmetric cell design to improve resolution and clarity, brightness, contrast and color fidelity.

Video processing uses adaptive film mode, 3:2 pull down, gamma correction and true black drive techniques to re-create a film-like picture.

The two-piece design places the PlasmaImage controller near the video source, where an RGB cable connects it to the panel. The HD-50TS is currently available at a $15,950 suggested retail price.

Meanwhile, DWIN’s new DLP projector — called the TransVision TV2 — uses Texas Instrument’s new widescreen 1,280 by 720 DMD chip.

The TransVision controller accepts video signals from most video sources and DWIN’s video signal processing offers deep black levels and natural color reproduction, while the Adaptive Film Mode and Signal Dynamic Range Expansion techniques enhance picture depth and reduce picture artifacts.

A Carl-Zeiss zoom lens allows throw distances ranging from 1.41 to 2.1 times the screen width, to cover a wide range of screen sizes and a lens shift feature to adjust the projection offset from lens level to 40 percent of the picture height.

The TransVision TV2 carries a $10,250 suggested retail price.