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DVDO Unveils Add-On 4K Up-Scaler

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Video-processing resource DVDO introduced Monday its ready-for-Ultra HD iScan Mini, a compact video enhancement system designed to improve SD and HD picture quality using Silicon Image’s VRS ClearView technology.

The iScan Mini’s VRS ClearView system ($299 suggested retail) is equipped with a studio-grade 4K Ultra HD adaptive scaling engine and other noise-reduction and picture-enhancement technologies.

DVDO said it will distribute the iScan Mini through authorized distributors, dealers and online partners.

 The scaling engine processes video and graphics content independently, delivering enhanced picture quality on 4K and FullHD displays.

DVDO said the iScan Mini’s video-processing technologies address the need to improve picture quality from highly compressed sources, such as Internet streaming or downloaded content.

A built-in demo mode allows side-by-side comparison of “before and after” video to showcase the iScan Mini’s performance. The device also includes setup tools for professional display adjustment.

“While the 4K TV market is experiencing steady growth, native 4K content is still hard to come by,” stated C.H. Chee, DVDO general manager. “The image quality of content delivered by DVDs, Blu-ray discs or streamed over the Internet often lacks visual detail or is hampered by low-resolution and high compression. The iScan Mini’s scaling and enhancement technologies enable consumers to enjoy cinema-quality video on their 4K Ultra HD or FullHD TV by bringing out details and nuances not visible in the original content.”

The compact iScan Mini can be placed behind an existing A/V receiver or wall-mounted TV.

Although the device can be used alone to improve picture quality on any display, DVDO said it is best used in tandem with a video processor or switcher, such as DVDO’s iScan Duo, EDGE Green, or Quick.

 The unit’s 4K Ultra HD Adaptive scaling supports HDMI 2.0, and delivers edge and detail enhancement, video smoothing, mosquito noise reduction, onscreen Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) audio and video editing, display setup tools, HDMI to S/PDIF, IR input port, and dedicated remote buttons for easy mode changes.