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The DTS:X Audio Lineup

Multiple home audio brands have confirmed they will offer audio components with DTS:X, and additional manufacturers and models will be announced in the coming months, DTS said.

Denon’s currently available AVR-X7200W will get a DTS:X firmware upgrade later in 2015.
Integra will launch several components by fall 2015.
Marantz’s currently available AV8802 AVP will get a firmware upgrade later in 2015.
Onkyo will launch several products by fall 2015.
Pioneer will offer DTS:X, but details weren’t disclosed.
OutlawAudio will offer, but details weren’t disclosed.
SteinwayLyngdorf plans summer availability of the P200 AVP, with a DTS:X firmware upgrade in fall 2015.
Theta Digital will offer the Casablanca IVa AVP in the summer.
Trinnov Audio’s currently available Altitude32 AVP will get a DTS:X firmware upgrade in the summer; and
Yamaha will launch DTS:X-ready components in the fall.

DTS’s website also points to 2015 products from Anthem, Krell, and McIntosh.

This year’s crop of DTS:X AVRs will be able to support up to 11.2 speaker-output channels, including heightspeaker outputs, and some AVRs could support up to 32 speaker locations subject to the capabilities of each manufacturers products, DTS said.

The products’ DTS:X decoders will upmix traditional 5.1- and 7.1-channel soundtracks to add height effects to home theaters equipped with height speakers.

Manufacturers representing almost 90 percent of the home AVR and AVP market will launch DTS:X-enabled products starting in early summer. DTS:X is also available for 2015 AVR silicon platforms from companies representing the majority of the DSP platform market share, including Cirrus Logic, Analog Devices and Texas Instruments, DTS noted.