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DTS Play-Fi Adds SiriusXM Streaming

Calabasas, Calif. — DTS adds SiriusXM to the selection of Internet music services available through wireless multizone-audio systems incorporating the company’s Play-Fi technology.

Play-Fi systems already access Pandora, Songza, and V Tuner in the U.S., where they will also access Deezer when it comes to the U.S. Play-Fi systems also access QQ Music in China and KK Box in Taiwan and Japan. The music services are accessed by DTS’s Play-Fi app on smartphones and tablets, which transmit the content to Play-Fi speakers.

Via Play-Fi apps for Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire devices, users transmit music via a home’s Wi-Fi network to Play-Fi speakers throughout the house from the Cloud-based services, media servers and PCs, as well as from the mobile device itself.

DTS offers Play-Fi speakers under the Phorus brand. Wren also offers a speaker with the technology. Definitive Technology and Polk, two of DEI’s Sound United brands, announced October shipments of five Play-Fi products ranging from wireless speakers to amplifier/receivers and soundbars. The Fine Sound Group also announced plans to offer Play-Fi products. Its brands are McIntosh, Wadia and Sonus Faber. High-end audio brands MartinLogan, Paradigm and Anthem have also licensed the technology, with MartinLogan and Paradigm products scheduled for availability in 2015.