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DTS Headphone:X Appears In Samsung TVs

Calabasas, Calif. – Samsung is incorporating DTS Headphone:X technology in about 40 TVs to deliver surround sound to any pair of Bluetooth headphones.

 “It is the first time that surround sound technology for headphones has been integrated into TVs,” a DTS spokesperson told TWICE.

Headphone:X, integrated in the recently launched TVs, not only plays back 5.1 content in 5.1 surround over any pair of Bluetooth headphones, but it widens the soundstage of stereo content and makes it sound more natural, the spokesperson said.

The DTS technology works on any 5.1 content playing through the TV, including smart TVs’ streaming video apps with 5.1 audio.  Headphone:X also works on audio from Blu-ray players, game consoles and other devices connected to the TV, the spokesperson noted.

The technology provides “a cost-effective way to experience surround sound without a home theater system,” DTS said. “Consumers are using headphones with their TVs more frequently to not disturb their partner or children, to be respectful of their neighbors, or to better hear the TV over background noise,” the company added.