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Draper Aero Mounts Extending Flat-Panel With Universal Bracket

Draper, which offers a range of ceiling, wall, cart, floor and table mounting solutions for plasma televisions and other flat-panel displays, is expanding its Aero mount line to include even more mounts and a new clamp attachment for flat-panel sets. Draper also is offering universal brackets and a pop-up lift for plasma displays.

With the latest additions to its Aero line, Draper said consumers can put LCD-TFT flat-panel displays almost anywhere. The versatile, new mounts include permanent tabletop types, clamp attachments and wall and ceiling mounts designed to hold from one to multiple flat-panel displays.

The company’s newest flat-panel display mounts come with a universal-mounting bracket that is compatible with any flat panel meeting VESAO mounting-hole standards.

Suggested retail range for Aero mounts for LCD-TFT flat-panel displays is $42 to $528, depending on options and needs for adjustment. New additions to the line have a suggested retail of $347 for the T400 table mount and $528 for the W1200 wall mount.