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Digital, Flat Plans

Also in its 2001 product strategy, NHT is:

  • maintaining its recently launched Super Audio series, which can be used to create a surround system priced up to $2,400.
  • developing a wall-hanging flat on-wall speaker sonically matched to the speaker group being launched at CES. It will feature a physical depth of 3.5 inches and a response depth to 80Hz.
  • planning speakers equipped with DSP to optimize driver performance, not neutralize room acoustics problems.

Midyear shipments are planned of two two-way bookshelf speakers, a three-way center channel, and perhaps some small powered subs in the DSP series. The products will use precision digital crossovers, equalization, and driver time-alignment, Byrne said, to “produce one of the cleanest loudspeaker systems ever designed.” Pricing will be “expensive, primarily because the boards are made by a very small company.”